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8.6 Review score
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    19 February 2018
    Would definitely return when it is a little warmer.
    The heating in the building was not adequate for the very cold conditions.
    The staff were outstanding.
    15 February 2018
    Food was great and facilities were great, friendly staff, no mountain view as written.
    Everything was close to excellent but I expected a real mountain view when I opened the window. It wasn’t exactly a mountain view room stated which was disappointing for me, it was more like a slope with lots of snow which we could only see 1/4 of it.
    The private and public onsen cater to different needs which is great! View was amazing at the onsen as well. Dinner and breakfast are carefully prepared, so good and you feel very pampered. The staff are super friendly and they speak English as much as possible. Very warm feeling from the staff. The sanso really has this traditional feeling once you step in.
    Tina Goh
    28 January 2018
    Very nice place to experience outdoor onsen
    Ladies toilet a bit
    The room is very basic for the price we pay, however the outdoor onsen especially the mixed pool and private pool are really natural type, i think that is what i am willing to pay for it. The food served is good also, fine and fresh. Staffs all very friendly and helpful, the girl at reception speaks very good English, she helped me to book the snow walking at Shinhotaka, it was an excellent experience !
    General Shang
    23 January 2018
    Onsen Winter wonderland
    The outdoor baths and also the awesome friendly staff. I felt right at home and experience all aspects of an onsen. Will never forget the fact it is a 24 hour onsen. Which allowed for me to go early in the morning as a cure for my jet lag. Thanks suimekan
    Hui Min
    16 January 2018
    Outdoor onsen, very big, very nice
    4 January 2018
    Great location_Poor management_Not an authentic Japanese ryokan
    I’ve never been to an accomodation with poorer hospitality, including a few AirBnb accomodation. I’ve been to Jaopan 5 times with nearly a dozen of onsen experience at ryokans and public bath. Communication aside, a few but not all intimidations I’ve experienced were: Was asked to walk out of the building to minus 10 degree snow storm to get more water when I asked for water (no bottle water given, only a half empty flask). No drinking water provided at the indoor bath, once again, you have to walk outdoor in sub zero weather after a hot bath. Room is old, poorly maintained. Bathrooms are Japanese horror movies inspired. Unlike other onsen where face towels are provided at the bath, we were given one when checked in and when I asked for a second one, the staff frowned at me and said “you already given one”. There is a machine near reception where you are expected to dry your own towels. Now let’s laugh! On our second day there, all the men’s bath (in and outdoor) were drained for cleaning and no one was advised of it. Imagine you are naked in the snow just to realise that there was no hot water to keep you warm. When being advised, staff laughed and say “we didn’t know, sozzy”. No formal greetings, room introduction when checking in. We were pointed to “the room at the end of the corridor” and walk there by ourselves. Futon are laid out once during your stay and never put away. Some staff are Chinese nationals, which got non of the gracefulness or hospitality of Japanese hosts. Services are bare basics. Saving the best for last, FOOD was abundant in quantity, a mere joke in quality for a Japanese ryokan. Guests are given a series of non related dishes and Call it a seiseki. Dishes are repeated except for main disheswhich are alternative daily. Quality is on par with Family Mart/ Lawson. I’m especially pissed with this as amazing food is the first character whenever I think of Japanese ryokan. These aren’t emotional comments but true facts about our experience.
    The outdoor baths are stunning, if that’s all you come for
    30 December 2017
    good food and onsen but far off
    too far and onsen need to walk out .building is quite old and only have shared bathroom.
    great food and nice staff
    Li Li
    28 December 2017
    There are no comments available for this review.
    Kenneth Kwok
    25 December 2017
    No bathroom in guest room
    Hot spring
    20 December 2017
    Long drive from takayama
    Large Open air mixed onsen
    12 December 2017
    There are no comments available for this review.
    8 December 2017
    There are no comments available for this review.
    27 November 2017
    There are no comments available for this review.
    yong khian
    18 November 2017
    Amazing onsen with one of the largest open-air hot springs in Japan
    Accessibility could be an issue,but the view and the food will make up for any inconvenience.
    Location is on higher elevation and temperature tends to be on the lower side so it makes perfect sense to go for dips in the hot springs and you will not be disappointed given the amazing views. Mind you, it’s a mixed bath but the staff do provide robes for the men and ladies. The half board option is good value for money too.
    Mun Kit
    17 November 2017
    Not a comfortable stay !
    The ryokan looks like it would do with some refurbishing. Looks jaded ! We were actually attracted to the place because of the big open air onsen amidst the mountains n esp the one for both sexes. We were told that we wld be clothed accordingly as instructed. However we were greeted by naked males n even female westerners 😱😱😱 ! There seemed to be no one to ensure that guests adhered to the instruments. For the indoor onsen located within, one has to descend a long steep stairs which is certainly very inconvenient .. As this is the only place if you want any hot water for a simple wash , it was such a hassle !
    Sorry ... this is more like what we didn’t like! Unlike all ryokans we have been to the counter staff simply remained behind counter without a word of welcome. We had to ask if there were anyone who could help us with our luggage. All she said was ‘wait’ ! We were eventually introduced to the facilities by a staff who was a Chinese National.. oh my! Hers was a service with a scowl 😳. ...impatience... n literally telling us not to interrupt! when we tried asking questions. She appeared to be a miserable person who certainly is a misfit in the lovely location of the ryokan! While we were appreciative of the wash basin provided in the room (which does not come with a toilet) it does not hv hot water ) so it was freezing cold esp so because it was snowing n the temperature had dropped to -2 C ! Even the common toilet does not provide hot water. The saving grace the place was the food which is acceptable for the price n at least served by 2 cheerful n enuthsiatic Japanes ladies.
    17 November 2017
    There are no comments available for this review.
    15 November 2017
    The onsen baths were absolutely gorgeous, and the staff were very helpful and friendly. Not for you if you're looking for 5 star accommodation at the Ritz, but very homely and comfortable with wonderful Japanese hospitality.
    8 November 2017
    So so.
    In the mixed onsen, many Japanese male guests fully exposed themselves. This is not acceptable to foreign guests. Hotel should place more emphasis on the use of wraps given to guests.
    The outdoor onsen with nice heavenly view.
    5 November 2017
    Amazing onsen
    There were a lot of bugs in the hallways and especially in the restrooms. Fortunately, we didn't see any in our room or in the dining room, but still felt quite uncomfortable with the situation.
    Truly amazing onsen area! Private baths are also available for guests. Bath number three, situated next to the river, is especially wonderful. Dinner and breakfast were good and the staff spoke english quite well.
    4 November 2017
    Will come back again, for sure
    Beautiful location, best onsen we had along the trip, food was very good, the staff was very nice and helpful with good English.
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